A single cup of coffee can create a friendship that lasts for 40 years.
– Old Turkish Saying

– Coffee is endowed with friendship, affection and sharing. We as “Coffee Tale” have embarked on this new journey to offer you a friendly warm place…

– We are aware of the value of drinking organic coffee and tea, and want to share it with you. You will feel the freshness and be in love with it.

– We are also committed to protecting the environment as our cups, lids and utensils are all eco-friendly.

– Some of our specialties include authentic Cold Brew Coffee paired with our European Macaroons or our Breakfast Bistro Plate, and traditional Turkish Coffee, paired with Turkish Delights..

We welcome you to join us at 7561 Center Avenue #39, Huntington Beach, CA 92647.

Bon Appetit!


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